Online Presence Matters!

Is your business a born-global SaaS, a brick-and-mortar cafeteria, or a local plumbing service? In any case, having a solid online presence is nowadays essential for your business. When done right, it can significantly boost your marketing, sales and customer experience at an affordable price. Our passion is to empower you on your digital journey to grow your business. To make the right decisions for your business, we are exploring here some key points to consider when getting started in building a solid online presence.

What online presence is about?

Online presence is your company’s web presence and the digital footprint creating and promoting traffic to your brand. It encompasses your companys website, social media, search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing, directory listings, blogs, link sharing, etc. It goes beyond the online representation of the business to the impact of your brand within the digital world.


When planning your companys online presence, its crucial to consider where your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders are. Most brands need a variety of digital platforms to maintain web presence and brand recognition effectively. However, small businesses may not have the resources to invest in all of them, so its realistic to focus on the 1-3 most important ones. For example, LinkedIn is a critical social media channel for B2B sales, but its significance in consumer business is minimal.

As the cornerstone of web presence, we recommend having a website, even though creating high-quality websites requires a larger investment. Unlike social media channels and various directories, you have full control over your website. An external party cannot shut down your website or block user access without your ability to influence the situation. Additionally, you can develop your companys unique brand identity and supporting content on your website in any way you want, regardless of specific channel restrictions such as content breadth or presentation style.

Why it is important?

Customers primarily find companies online, making a strong online presence essential. When your companys digital footprint is engaging and your company’s web presence is relevant, your customers, suppliers, and partners will find your company. High-quality online presence essentially validates your companys existence and enhances trust in your business operations. On the flip side, if the company site is low-quality or outdated, it is eating trust and it becomes much harder to attract and sell to new customers.


Additionally, considering online visibility as a form of customer service is crucial. How effectively can you respond to the information and communication needs of your customers and partners, as well as their purchasing intentions, in a timely and tailored manner? If your companys contact details are not easily accessible or if contact requests do not reach you, you may risk losing both customers and business opportunities.”

How to get started?

If you are an expert in your field, but your expertise is not web development and digital marketing, we recommend choosing a competent partner. Especially, its also not a good idea for your companys website to be your friends hobby project, resulting in a homespun site with no commitment to maintenance and development. In the long run, this approach can become quite costly to your business. Furthermore, if your own resources are tight, we recommend to focus on content creation and leave the rest to the partner – even better, if you can then solely focus on strategic issues.

Ready to move on?

Great! If you want to attract new customers and have decided to improve your companys online performance, thats excellent. Online presence is the foundation of marketing and customer experience of your business. When it is time to turn your business vision into reality, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide solutions to make your business perform online at affordable price – simplicity out of complexity.

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